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Against this difficult background, the French subsidiary company, which ranks among the fastes growing consumer goods businesses in the country, reported sales 6.4% higher at EUR 314.0 million, against previous year, once again growing faster than the chocolate market as a whole.LINDT accounted for some two-thirds of overall market growth in the tablet segment, winning record market shares and further strengthening its no. This trend was led by the key products EXCELLENCE and CREATION.FRANce Lindt&Sprüngli SAS increased its sales by 6.4 % to EUR 314.0 million (previous year: EUR 295.0 million).

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In the Christmas segment, the new “Sweet Christmas Helpers” theme world contributed further growth.

Finally, double-digit sales growth of the own retail business was achieved by maintaining the loyalty of existing customers and winning many new ones.

Further highlights of the seasonal business were a new record of six million GOLD BUNNIES sold at Easter, as well as the TEDDY with the new “Heartfelt Moments promotion” in Swiss cities where a nationwide response was achieved in cooperation with several media partners.

Growth of our own retail business made further progress with the opening of two new shops at highly frequented tourist attractions, the Swiss Museum of Transport and the Jungfraujoch, which were accompanied by spectacular events and extensive national and international media coverage.

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