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Thank you AOM for being an inspiration.....(^_^).... Take care Aom and God bless :) hi a perfect example of a girl next-door, i never get tired watching YON over and over again and finding myself staring at your face,its like a fallen angel..

Wish you all the very best in very happy that I'm the same height as you.... If theirs any instance that you could read this message, i hope you could consider visiting your fans here in the Philippines you'll surely love the crowd.

I totally like you'r style especially you'r hair.... I used to comment on yr photos in IG and i am waiting for yr cmt back..i kn u cant reply all yr fan.... im now being serious in this matter,hi aom my sister and i love your movies,with tina,now we are already a very big fan of yours,hope you'll have a fan tour here in the PHILIPPINES,especially here in NEGROS ORIENTAL PHILIPPINES.. I thank you.i'm hoping that people in the world would understand the situation of being engage with this...

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But still to those TIAOM fans keep on hoping for the reunion guys.will I...

:) please do another projects for me and for your other funs. Even if I could never ever meet her, though I'm still hoping, but as one of her fans and I do really admire and love her, all I wanted is her happiness..

At first I did type it out, but then I didn’t want to make it into a big fuss. It’s rather that I don’t know who I would prosecute.

Mike tried to resolve the allegations through his IG, do you want to do the same?

Sushar completed high school at Suranaree School in her hometown, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.