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Because these people are often busy, ambitious and intellectual, building a communicative relationship with young children can be overlooked at times.Setting family activities, such as night-story-telling and weekly game nights, can encourage a healthy bond.Now, at 72, Evans is back, narrating a documentary based on his candid 1994 memoir after a 1998 stroke left him in despair.

Career People born on June 3 are naturally gifted with the ability to learn and often do best in positions that require strong analytical skills.

They like to be continually mentally challenged at work, are lifelong learners and are disciplined in their ability to process workload and conduct business in an organized manner.

Relationships, Marriage and Children Gemini’s in general crave connection with others, however, those born on June 3 tend to be less needy.

They can be great at meeting people and developing interest, but can become bored easily.

The women in his life were just as stellar—from Lana Turner and Ava Gardner to ex-wives Ali Mac Graw and 1971 Miss America Phyllis George.