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"I know he's looking down on us with the biggest smile on his face." International Elvis status Event co-ordinator Peter Phillips said the event had given Porthcawl a real international status.

"We wanted to give the town a kicker at the end of the holiday season and put it on the map. "If you look at Elvis websites they all know Porthcawl.

In the early 15th century the castle was held by Lord Grey, a gentleman who had made an enemy of one Owain Glyndwr by trying to acquire the Dee estates of the Welshman.

When Glyndwr was ready to launch his bid for an independent Wales, Ruthin and Lord Grey became the first target.

Due to the extremely strong high winds and high tides along the sea front we had to cancel Porthcawl parkrun this morning, Sat 21st October.

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    Euthydemus's control extended to Sogdiana, going beyond the city of Alexandria Eschate founded by Alexander the Great in Ferghana: "And they also held Sogdiana, situated above Bactriana towards the east between the Oxus River, which forms the boundary between the Bactrians and the Sogdians, and the Iaxartes River.

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    Bolshaya Sadovaya Street and Theatre Square The pedestrian Soborny Pereulok leads from the Cathedral to the Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, the city’s most presentable and arguably most beautiful street, challenged for this prestigious title only by Pushkinskaya Street, an overwhelmingly green, partly pedestrian-only street a few blocks north.

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