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You have to overlook some irritating colour-blind casting but Crystal Clarke (young American Miss Worsley) is a sweet stage presence.The show totters towards four-star territory thanks to Miss Reid’s dotty, slighty dipso Lady Hunstanton.Her decision to scatter her son’s ashes on the lawn upsets his grieving fiancee (Vinette Robinson).

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It gives us lines such as ‘twenty years of romance makes a woman look like a ruin; twenty years of marriage make her something like a public building’; and then there’s that one about the tragedy of all women, and no men, being that they turn into their mothers. But under the brittle bon-mots director Dominic Dromgoole finds a touching vulnerability.

This show subtly tickles up Oscar for the 21st century, giving us an idea not so much of women’s nascent political rights as the emergence of a more democratic approach to love.

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Was he trying to echo Chekhov or was he succumbing to anti-Brexit wish-fulfillment?