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The Member is registered via Facebook Connect, which enables HAPPN to use the Member's profile photo, first name, age calculated based on the date of birth and interests in order to create a “profile” page.The Member should therefore check the accuracy of his or her Facebook information before registering with the Service.

The processed data also allow HAPPN to carry out statistical studies relating to the use of the Application and its Services by the Members.

It allows HAPPN to send promotional messages from advertisers and other partners via the Application.

Upon registration, the Member accepts these TCOU and the Privacy Policy and agrees to fulfill his or her obligations, and particularly those set out in the Member Code of Conduct under Article 9 of these TCOU.

The Application provides HAPPN Members with a user-friendly setting which enables contact with other Members in the same area or Members with whom they have crossed paths in the past, in order to set up virtual or real-life meetings for personal and recreational purposes.

These employees and managers only have access to the data necessary to the performance of their duties.