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The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum is a part of the excellent Edo-Tokyo Museum in the Ryogoku area of Tokyo.

Like Meiji Mura in Aichi Prefecture and other such culture parks in Japan, the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum is a collection of historic buildings, mainly from the Tokyo area, brought to a new location for preservation.

The nearest station to Tei Park is Otemachi just a 1 minute walk from Exit A4 or A5 or a 1 minute walk from the the Marunouchi North Exit. The Daimyo Clock Museum, located close to Nezu Shrine, contains a private collection of traditional Japanese clocks or wa-dokei.

The museum is so-called as only feudal lords or daimyo were allowed to keep these clocks and had the means to maintain them.

Japanese clocks were based on an early western clock presented to a feudal lord in Yamaguchi Prefecture by Francis Xavier.