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We had trouble even getting in to see them to talk about the situation of pensions and the decline of pensions in Ontario, and Canada for that matter.

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That is my major concern with this bill, which, as I mentioned, is highly technical and deals with the easier parts of pension reform. I remember being there a few years ago; we had brought forth concerns about the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, which also interacts with provincial pension laws, so they’re married, so to speak—you can’t talk about one without the other.

While I was in Ottawa, we met with great frustration from the sitting government, as well as the official opposition at the time.

It will enhance regulatory oversight that, once again, we learned in the last couple of years is needed more and more. Norm Miller: Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the comments of the member from Northumberland–Quinte West.

Once again, what was in place for the last number of years, previous to the last pension reform, is not good enough for today’s economy and standards. I did have an opportunity yesterday to speak at length about Bill 236.

I find it quite interesting that he’s the lead for the Conservatives on pension reform. We set off the alarm bells years ago, and now everything has come to fruition.