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Getting back into the dating scene post-divorce can feel like something you dread beyond anything else. Things might be messy financially, with custody, and with your living situation.But none of that is a reason to put off dating again.

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Less introspective than the first EP, “Indoors” is unapologetic and beaming with the confidence and wisdom only gained through having lived, loved and learned.

Album opener “From The Dust” serves as a breezy, infectiously catchy song that invokes the Californian spirit of Fleetwood Mac and conjures up images of palm trees swaying in the wind against a technicolor sunset.

If you are looking to get out there after years or even decades of not dating, your best bet might be to try dating apps.

While some carry the reputation of being a place to go when a person isn't looking for something serious or respectable, others have a purpose that might fit your lifestyle and even current state of mind.

It can also make them feel like they’re in a dating ministry.