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Email Reminders - if you would like email reminders of taxes due every April and October, email your request to [email protected] Delinquent taxes are subject to interest at the rate of 12% per annum computed at 1% per month on the full year amount of tax unpaid.In addition, delinquent taxes are subject to penalties as follows; 3% on the full year amount of tax unpaid on June 1st of the year in which the tax is due.

Kate Winslet's steamy handprint sliding down the window, Julia Roberts on top of a piano, Ryan Gosling shirtless and very, very wet.

Whether they're realistic or totally over-the-top, a good movie sex scene is something that no one can deny they love, especially the ridiculously romantic ones with rising music and tension-filled backstories.

Censorship boards were set up in various states and controls began to be imposed, often on a voluntary basis, once moving pictures became widespread and available to mass viewing audiences (encouraged by the popularity of nickelodeons, first called "arcade peepshows").

However, the vast complexity of various local, state and national censorship laws added to the problem of enforcement, i.e.

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