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The employer must either: This means that accommodation must be provided unless there would be a very serious hardship on the employer, landlord or service provider.

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Rather, the employer is expected to determine whether other positions in the workplace are suitable for the employee or if existing positions can be adjusted, adapted or modified for the employee.

Editor's Note: Editor's Note: Michael Lynk is a professor of law at the University of Western Ontario.

With that said the only real problem is that creators and casting directors don't take KMR to his advantage and use him to the fullest extent of his vocal range.

A lot of his roles are usually the big deep voiced giant characters and can get samey but I do understand why they tend to cast him in these roles because he is perfect at it and fills in a certain niche.

I’m going to start praying for them on my own for a while until I feel comfortable enough to pray audibly over them.