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Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. From a spot near Bishop Gebsatte Vs tomb, under the organ loft, not one of the thirty lofty windows can be seen. Thor- waldsen's monument of Eugene Beauhamois, Duke of Leuchtenberg, in Carrara marble, is a colossal figure of the former Viceroy of Italy, supported by Genii and the Muse of History on each side of the door, in which appears the jnotto, **Honneur et Fiddlit^.'* It was erected by his widow. The way past the Botanical Gardens leads up a hill to the old Cattle itf Traumitx, the former residence of the dukes, many of whom are buried in the Seligenthal convent chapel , close by. Omnibut M to the Wa Jhalia (6 rn Uea), In 1^ hour; return l«rea. Or by rail to Walhallastrasse (six minutes), and thence by foot in 1 hour. Hcy(md this it crosses the Ens, by a vtiidiict on *il double arches, 110 feet high, 1,070 foot toiii(. An old town nour the ruined (Castle of Weihei'- trruf (WIvoh' Fidelity), ronownod in Ocnnan story for tbo bohuvliiur of thu faithful "Weilior von Wolmtbcrir." which fonus the subject of Blirjror's " Wcr snjrt mlr an wo Wolnsberg liojrt ! A pretty spot at the foot of the Rothenberg, on the Neckar, and a summer retreat for people from Stuttgart. An old Imperial city, partly surrounded hy walls, built by Fred. A jiarty of four, even with occasional carriage assistance, may still travel more cheaply here than in any other equally interesting locality. In both there are English residents, and all reasonable conveniences. In the northern parts the best are—white, ICIingelberger; red, Affenthaler, Zeller. At Singen the main lines through Germany unite and proceed to Winter- thur and ZUrich, for the St. See Bradshatc's Cmtinental Outds, and the Hand- book to Suf Uxerland. At Eithen l« an intermittent , ETlv Ing place to crope, I From Schopfhclm tho rail ascends the Wieem- I Lhai to Fahnan (Stat.) and Haussu (Stat.^ I I irth-place of the poet Hehel i thon to Z^MIH' ' Wald (8tat), a small hot busy manufactiirl B! TVx^nau owes its existence in so cold and inhos- pitable a spot to the silver mines which were for- merly worked here. From this point there are three routes to the summit of the Feldberg. By a solitary house called See Hof , the road again commences to ascend by a fine winding road, with occasional glimpses of the lake below, as far as Suig. Tbi B Is now ncco BBlble from the Titisee b UUoh \ by diligence.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Here is the large Banner taken, 1688, by Max Emanuel, from the Turks. Michael U Hofkirche, formerly the Jesuits' Church, is a large cross in the Roman style, 304 ft. The interior is very beautiful, the fioor being marble and the roof a fine broad curve, unsupported by pillars. On Sundays and great festivals there is a grand service of classical music at 9 a.m. It contains fine mural paintings, dccirations, and panelled ce UIngs. Carriage and horse, there and back, 7 marks, with stay of 1^ hour; two horses, 10 marks to 18 marks. " At tho h Iojjo of 1 140, after the battle between the Ouelpli Mnnd Ohtboltnes, when the Kmpovor Conrad 111. 9| Althach — Ph Krhingen(Bnlfet) 14 IBro Mch to Kirch- heim-unter-Teck, Rottweil, and ^chaffhansen.] Beichenlwch 17 Goppingeu 26f Siissen 31| Gingen 33^ Geislingen 38J Beioierstetten 51f Ulm (two tunnels) 58| [Branches to Augs- burg & Munich, to Immenstadt.^ (a) to Constance & Schaflhausen (as below).] Erbach 65 Laupheim 72 Biberach 81i Eflsendorf 89| Schussenried 94| N. — The best route from Stuttgart to Schai T- hausen is Route 55. On the Rothenberg is the tomb of Queen Cutharina, a Greek rotunda, built 1824. Farther south the red wines remain the same, but a deli- cious white wine, Markgrafler, appears. (From this point a private carriage witl probably turn more to the right, taking a wild but shorter road to Schluchsee and avoiding Lenzkirch.) The road passes down the steep descent called MUiilin- gersteige into the Falkauer Thai, under the ruins of the Castle Urach, and again rising to the cemetery chapel, soon brings the traveller to Ls NZKi RCB. By spending a short time here much of the neighbourhood may be explored, and at a moderate cost, an Einspaurter for half a day costing only 3| marks.

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Berlin to Hagenow, Schwerin, Wismar, KLleine Uf BUtzow, Ros- VUCK ••• ••• ••• ••• ^4 Route 10. Hanover to Pjmnont, Detmold, Paderbom, Soest, Cologne ... 47 Duisburg 28 Diilmen 28 Duppel 87 Dtiren 80 Durlach 196 Dtimkrut 288 Dtirrohrsdorf 113 DUSSELDORF „.. In Saxony, Hanover, Brunswick, &tka, and Altenhurg, the thaler contained 30 groschen of 10 pfennigs each ; in MMmhurg the thaler contained 48 schillings of 12 pfennigs each ; but the thaler VM of the same value as the Prussian. , but near enough for common use.) German English German Ul Mueters. The Ethnoffraphkal Museum, in the Arcaden.— Sundays and Wednesdays, 9 to L«»a^ ivor^ ca\Vixft\.^QV «^a Ql^\. In the basement storey is Steigerwald's glass warehouse, with the Bazaar, shops, and caf €s, which have two entrances. 149 hall i8 deconi Ud with Inlghts in armour, ebattof arms, implemehtsof the ohaae, and stained wtaidowfl. Where the road divides keep to the right, and subeoquently to the left; on reaching the summit of the aaeent is sesn the Mumme Uee^ a dark, Ashless lake, the scene of many a legend.

148,176 Buchholz 81 Bnobwald 129 Bttckeburg 25 Bndwels 235 Bilhl 200 Btthlerthal 200 Bttnde 41 Banzlan 59, 122 Burg 19 Burgbemheini 167 Burgel 99 Burgeln 217 Burgfambach 170 Burg Stein 95 l&Uanm 85 Jfatjflnao A „,....., JS *-^*j90ir. 80 CSnnem 65 Constance 190 Constance Lake 177, 191 Corvey Abbey 82 Cosel 132 Coslin 51 Cossen 117 Coswig 93 Cothen 94 Cottbus 58, 65 Crailshcim, or Krailsheim ...187 Crefeld 28 Cregllngen 188 Creussen 172 Creuzberg 62 Creuzthal 29 Culm 54 Cfistrin 58 Cnxhaven 34 Czaslau 235 D Dahl 29 Dammgarten 47 Dannenburg 81 Dannewirke 86 Dantzic 51 Dassnitz 232 Davidsthal 282 Debisfclde 35 Deggendorf 178 Deuzlingen 204, 206 Dessau 98 Detmold 77 Dettingen 169 Deutschbrod 236 Dentsch Eyian ^ 54, 56 Dentz .ao, 76 Diesenhoten,,,, .••...,.,..«11ft \ PAGE Diez 76 Dinkelsbuhl 167 Dirschau 53, 54,55 Dittersbach Ii9 Doberan 45 Dolme 82 Dombiihl 166 Domitz 31 Donaueschtngen 194,205, 213 Donaustauf 153 Donauworth 157 Dombach 231 Dortmund 28,19 Drei Gleichen, The 68, 69 Dresdek M..101 Driburg 73 Ducherow.„. lid., the double thaler, and pieces of one groschen, 1L 5, and 10 groschen (silber groschen, or '* sgr."). 7| M 1 15 H 2 22} 14 3 80 18i 4 87i 23i 5 45 28 6 German kilometers. He was finally defeated, a year or two later, by Tiberius*s nephew, Cs Bsar G^rmanicus, who obtained from these yict Ories his snmame. Here was the old Picture Gallery, the contents of which have been removed to the Pinacothek. Chinese paintings and portraits, splendid feather ornaments from Brazil, articles brought home by Cook and Krusenstem in their voyages round the world, remarkable weapons. •t^i^ Bout Ci dd A.] HAim-fi OOS: to QBBMi Jr T.— yt Tfifllilt, O&S&l MMBBOAt T. Shortly after the Secbach is crossed and rccrossed, ♦he road following its direction, and presently te Joff tie forest, joi Ds in about a quarter ola Wt^^^»niageroad, which has described a con- ■n^^' This ro^cl is jiow f o Uowod i\\\ a signboard against a pfai« points ovt the path to th« Mnmmelsee; it enters the fiwest and ascends steeply.

WUrzburg 167,188 Wurzen 113 Zdic 234 Zedlerseo 238 Zehlendorf 13 Zeil 171 Zeitz 120 Zella-Mehlls 97 Zelle, or Cclle 37 Zellendorf 236 Zo Uerfeld 88 Zell-im-Wald 214, 218 Zenlenroda 121 Ziegcnhals 131 Zirndorf 163 Zittau 124 Znaira 236 Zobten 1 JO Zullbriicke 61 Zoppot 51, 53 Zonidorf 53 Zosscn V.\ Zag^v W-i.^ X'a. All the requisite information on this head can be obtained on application to our London agents, Messrs. See Introduction to Bradshavoi's Continental Guide* MONEY.— Circular notes of £10 and .£20 are safe and convenient, and are issued by the principal London bankers to their customers ; and by Messrs. C, where every description of foreign money can be obtained. The new Imperial bank notes for the whole of the German Empire are for 5, 20, VI, 100, 200, 600, and 1,000 marks, or a multiple of 1,000. The Palace of the Duke of Leuchtenbergt built by Klenze, 1817-22, now belongs to Prince Luitpold. Wal Clien Bee, or Wa Hlersee^ a lake in the midst of a thick forest. A town, at ft high elevatioii, where musical inftrnmenta and coarse silk parses are made. Grosshessellohe 7 Miesbach 84 Sauerlach 16 Hansham 87 Holzkirchen 38 Schliersec 88 Thalham 80 At Ho]skir6ll«n (Stat.) a branch turns off for TSlz as follows:— Miles. M 28 Oberwamgau 27 Schaftlaeh 80 Branch line from Scnaftlach to Gmund, 4 miles. The year following Its suppression the buildings, being puily destroyed by lightning, were saved fnaa being eoo- verted, like the sister houses In the Grand Dndiy, Into a manufactory. In a romantic valley, not far from the hotel, is the waterfall of the Llerbach, which is formed by a series of cascades. 196) to Freaden- stadt is a favourite promenade for the visitors to the former place. Indication ; Scrofula, Rschft JB, Chronic Cularrli of Ibe Itespiratorj Organs, Rhenmatism, Nearalfci B, Neurosis, Skin Diseases, Bud Dygcrasj.

For the province of Elsass and Lothringen (Alsice and Lorraine), annexed in 1870, see Bradshavj's Hand-Book to Belgium and the Rhine, Those who use this revised and improved edition of the work will confer a favour if they will have the goodness to forward connections or suggestions to 59, Fleet Street, London; or Albert Square, Manchest-er. Hanover to Bremen, Geestemiinde, and Bremerhaven 38 PA«B Routs 7. Wittelsbach Castle 167 Wittenberg 63 Wittenberge 31 Wittmund 81 Witzenh Uhle 173 Wobbelin 31 Wolfach 196, 204 Wolfcnbiittel 21 Wolfsgefarth 121 Wolfsrnthshauscn 149 Wolitnik 56 Wolkcnstcin 118 Worlitz 93 Wostromer 237 Wunstorf 25 Wunsiedel 176 Wiirmsee 148 Wurttemberg 182. For Berlin, Frankfort-on-Maine, and other of the larger German cities, they are still advisable. — The thaler piece is still legal tender for 3 marks. In the Odeon Platz stands Wiedmaim's eaucs- trlan Statue of K. (1862); supported by Uuligiou, Poetry, Art, and Industry. In the third storey are eight domestio pictures, from designs by Rubens. The route over the pass was first made by the Romans, and was formerly guarded by the Porta Claudia, a fortress built by the Archdnehtos Claudia of Medici, and blown up by Key, IBOff. Hence the road winds over the Kessetherg^ which last com' mands prospects of great extent. The path descends rapidly into the narrow wooded valley, where stand the ruins of the Abbey of Atter he H igm (All Saints), founded 1196, and suppressed 180S, os coming under the dominion of Baden. FIRST-CLASS HOTBL, greatlj improved and beiuitifully situated, in doie proxim Uyto Alltl Mprio Gipal Ei Ub Uahmen U. L«rre 8»MKiflff BMa BZTBNftl YB ACCOMMODATION FOE PAMILra S.

Prussian thalers, marks, and kronen (for Austria) are the best silvei eoins« Gold Napoleons (about 15s. Next to this is Tb B Sof wad a UKUs-JStb Uo Oiek ujad jffrtctiarrito 6febatide (Couit and State Library «ad Ar chives), in the Byzantine-Florentine styla, ta Ufc 1832-43, by Gartner, on a ruatio base. It was converted by King Max Joseph into a handsome country seat for his (^ueen, Caroline, and still belongs to the Royal Family. just behind the village; from the Neureit-Berg, and Schwaighof, which has a good sulphur spring. (1) (Carriage to) Neuhaus, Allerbeiligen (return carriage at the Forsterliaiis X Griesbach, Rip- poldsau (carriage to), ♦Wolfach. W.«t t»i^ ^VCbsara X «^ ^B teen the road to Snlibadi and Allor- jiretty Tlew. From this point al*), by the .alley of the Llerbach. Tbe pathcondnctalnabcntaqnarterotanhonrto WHrtlemberg. Here and there may bo obiened 1, treeleaa hill (whence to the r/ffftl may be board * the remains of aid enlranehi Dcnla. Einspanner for short distances, cheap, at every inn.