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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections Northeast Document Conservation Center 2B Carl A.

Kroch Library 100 Brickstone Square Cornell University Andover, MA 01810 Ithaca, NY 14853 A colleague, with whom I’d previously shared the images of the prayer book and its bookmarks, has commented: “The resemblance to Pitman Shorthand (created in 1837, but based on an older system patented by John Byrom in 1740) is very strong.

The connection between these names is brought out more clearly through the Malecite Mi·kʹαm, “Micmac,” or ‘Wood Spirit’ (Speck 1940).” Later, while studying the several photocopies I had made, I noticed that a set of clippings which had been used at some point as bookmarks in the Mi’kmaq-Récollet book could be reassembled.

After a quick cut and paste, I produced a photocopy collage.

The Arab numerals seem written by the same pen as the signature and the rest of the handwritten material, that is to say the thin lined symbols.